Our Research

Researchers and students of Dalhousie University are contributing valuable original research to the SAMoSA Study. A series of maps are provided through the sub-menu items listed above to share available findings.

SAMoSA research is being conducted in two parts. First, our project requires a number of studies to assess and measure level of access to six services and amenities in communities of Halifax Regional Municipality (i.e. healthy food outlets, green and recreational spaces, public transit, family doctors, affordable housing, and jobs). Second, the SAMoSA survey asks residents of HRM to tell us about their personal health and the communities in which they live and work. Our team can then compare the results from each component to better understand the complex relationship between access to services and amenities and the health of communities.

To date, studies have been completed looking at:

  • Access to green and recreational spaces;
  • Access to family doctors; and,
  • Access to public transit service.

Additionally, our team has performed an analysis of material and social deprivation for each HRM community using Canadian census data.

Thank you for taking an interest in our work. Please check our website in Spring 2019 to see more of our results.